Sun Block Talc

Using a sunscreen is highly recommended for the Indian tropical climate. The burning sun doesn’t just tan our face but also contains a serious possibility for skin diseases

The primary purpose of using a sunscreen is that it blocks the UV A & B rays of the sun. These radiations from the sun have been proven to cause skin cancer, which is why the Skin Cancer Foundation mandates that everyone should be applying sunscreen. It also works to prevent premature aging of your skin, wrinkles, blemishes, and spots.

Any sunscreen contains SPF- or sun protection Factor that blocks a certain percentage of UV rays. Living in India, the minimum amount of screening we need is 25 SPF, which blocks 95% of the UV rays, and 50 SPF is better for those who spend more time outside.

Yet every morning when we leave the house, we loathe applying a sticky cream or lotion to our faces. Any sunscreen lotion is bound to make your skin slightly oily. More importantly, within ten minutes of leaving the house, layers of dust and grime will have stuck to our faces.

Then there is the whole issue of applying make-up on top of sunscreen. Applying sunscreen and then foundation and primer makes the sunscreen ineffectual. And after doing our contours and carefully drawn highlights, applying a layer of sunscreen is just out of the question. So, what we end up doing is neglecting the tube of sunscreen till we get tan lines and spots.

Also, some make-up variants have chemicals that act as sunscreen agents, but they just aren’t enough in isolation. In the Indian climate, a sunscreen of at least 25 SPF is mandatory. So, we need sunscreen but there is no way we are ready to apply it to our make-up. Then what can we do?

Ayuvedam has launched a 25 SPF and a 50 SPF variant of powdered sunscreen named Sunblock Talc FUN with SUN, as a solution to this dilemma. A powdered sunscreen is a mineral based product that gives an even matt effect to your face. What makes it special is that it has special ingredients that help it block harmful UV A&B rays of the sun.

A powdered sunscreen is a perfect solution because when you apply a translucent powder on top of your make-up, your make-up has no chance to be spoilt. It even has an added matte effect to give your face a sleeker, classier look. Moreover, any powder has the propensity to soak up surface oils, leaving you with fewer chances of having a sticky, grimy look.

A powdered sunscreen, therefore, guarantees that in this terribly hot country, you will not sweat out your make up.

Secondly, while we can’t apply a sunscreen lotion too many times when we are outside, but the SPF is only active for 2 hours. A dab of the powder while touching up your make-up and you are ready to brave the sun every time.

Most importantly though, Ayuvedam skin care products are made from natural ingredients; this means you will not be adding more harmful chemicals to your skin in the name of skin-protection.

So you have protected, matte skin, but without the oily discomfort and ruined make-up. It doesn’t get any better.