Body Lotion is not just for winters

The problem for us living in India is that we leave the moisturizers for winters when our skin is dry and chapped. However, our skin requires daily hydration and moisturization! As without which it is bound to get dry, rough and even develop blemishes and spots.

The tropical heat and humidity actually make skin care slightly more challenging than in a place with a cooler, temperate environment. In the daily sweat and heat, another layer of greasy cream feels like a bad option. Therefore, always go for a lightweight formula in your lotion. Milk or any hydration based moisturizer applied just after a shower can make the world of difference in our skincare regime. Because the truth is, that while we take a lot of care of our faces, we take the rest of our body for granted.


Keep your body lotion handy

Every day we go out, it is just exposed to pollution, dust, and grime. If we don’t make the effort of moisturizing at least once a day, our skin will be irrevocably damaged. Therefore we definitely need daily moisturizing, but the lighter, non-sticky ones like-AYUVEDAM Skin Whitening Body Conditioner. Besides being a lightweight natural product, this conditioner has an added whitening cream to it. That means it evens out your blemishes and marks and hydrates your skin.

It is also understandable if you avoid lotions because you have oily skin. However, you too need daily moisturizers because while the oil traps moisture. As a result, your skin is still constantly losing hydration.

What is suggested is that you always go for lotions that are non-comedogenic ie. It does not clog your pores. Any oil based moisturizer is bound to make your skin break out in this humidity. However, a daily softening lotion will keep your skin sufficiently hydrated without making it oily. AYUVEDAM Body Radiance lotion, for instance, contains honey and milk- which will hydrate your skin from the inside. It leaves your skin naturally soft and glowing.

Another reason you should be using lotions daily is that of our lifestyles. Being constantly exposed to direct dry sunlight is bound to leave blemishes and tan on our skin. Also, because of the amount of time we spend in air-conditioned spaces-cabs, offices, malls etc- it makes our skin extremely dry. Without at least one daily, decent care product, we will lose the natural smoothness of our skin.


Don’t ignore your skin

We are so particular about our faces and caring for it that we often forget to pay equal attention to the rest of the parts our body. We apply sunscreens and blocks for our face, but our bodies end up getting unevenly tanned from regional exposure to the sunlight. A must-have for tropical, hot weathers is, therefore, a lightweight skin lotion! That should contain a sunblock of at least SPF 25.

Keep the moisturizer of your choice handy! Choose something which is hydrating and doesn’t smell too overpowering. As you will be applying it daily, try to go for natural rather than chemical based cosmetics! Choose Ayuvedam- which is made up of natural, healthy ingredients is recommended.

At the end of the day, caring for ourselves only takes a little time, but having healthy, radiant skin does wonders for our lifestyle and confidence.